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Urea Ice Melt * Non Corrosive * Works to -15C

Urea Ice Melt * Non Corrosive * Works to -15C

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Urea Snow & Ice Melt

Helps to keep paths and driveways ice free.

Urea is an effective ice melting product which is relatively safe for animals and children due to its non salt-based nature.  
For best effect, apply Urea Ice Melt to paths, driveways and surfaces at night to prevent formation of ice.  
Urea can also be used to melt existing ice by simply spreading onto surfaces and allowing it to penetrate the surface.
Urea is safe to handle.  It has been traditionally used by major airports to melt ice on runways where non-chloride based solutions are required.
Note: Urea has the additional benefit of being nitrogen rich, which when used in small amounts will fertilize surrounding vegetation.  However over application of Urea to areas of vegetation and waterway can cause problems such as leaf burn and should be avoided.
Directions: Sprinkle liberally onto affected areas to melt snow and ice. For best results pretreat paths and other surfaces with Pro-Melt in the evenings before ice forms.
Health & Safety

This product is not classified according to the EU regulations.

For more information see MSDS for Urea in documents section.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.