Solvent Engine Cleaner & Parts Washer Degreasing Fluid

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Solvent Engine Cleaner & Parts Washer Degreasing Fluid
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Solvent Engine Cleaner

Parts Washer Degreasing Fluid

Use on cars, Lorries, vans, boats, motorbikes, buses, etc…

A powerful yet versatile solvent cleaner and degreaser formulated to clean all surfaces with the minimum of effort. Ideal for cleaning of engines, chassis, chains, drive shafts, gearboxes and machinery and for parts cleaning. It quickly dissolves grease, oil, wax, diesel and grime from hard surfaces, plastics, rubbers, metals etc. Formulated with emulsifiers, detergents and solvents it can be rinsed away with water.

As it contains no harmful acids or caustics it will not attack metals or alloys.

  • Excellent cleaning action.
  • Dissolves grease, oil, wax and grime.
  • Contains powerful emulsifier.
  • Non corrosive to metals and alloys.
  • Economical to use – can be diluted with other solvents.

Apply directly to surface by mopping, brushing, wiping or spraying. Allow a contact time of at least 2 minutes, agitate if necessary and rinse thoroughly.

For Dip tank systems allow parts to soak until clean. Agitate if necessary, remove and rinse.

Product can be diluted with paraffin or similar solvent for economy.


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