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PVC Cleaner Concentrate - PVC windows, door, frames and fascias

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PVC Cleaner Concentrate - PVC windows, door, frames and fascias
PVC Cleaner Concentrate - PVC windows, door, frames and fascias
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Regular price £22.99

This unique product has been designed to remove built up dirt from PVC surfaces quickly and effectively. It is ideal for use on windows and door frames and fascias etc restoring them to their original pristine condition. It is a powerful yet versatile cleaner and degreaser and dissolves grease, oil, soot and grime and general dirt.

Easily applied by brushing or spraying.

  • Dissolves grease, oil, soot, grime & dirt with the minimum of effort
  • The chemical does the work
  • Easy to apply – By brush, wipe, spray
  • Concentrated – dilutes up to 100:1 with water
  • Biodegradable – contains no harmful chemicals
  • Safe – non flammable, Environmentally Friendly

Directions for use

Concentrate can be diluted with up to 100 parts of water, depending on the level of soiling. Apply a solution to the surface by brushing or spraying. Allow a contact time of at least 1–2 minutes, agitate if necessary and rinse off by flushing or wiping with clean water. For particularly bad areas and stubborn dirt, agitate lightly with a nylon pad and wipe off.

To ensure suitability always test product on a small area first.

Note: do not allow product to dry on glass, or aluminium surfaces. If an over-spray occurs clean off immediately with water.

Click Here for Safety Data Sheet MSDS

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