Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt

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Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt
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Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt

Magnesium Chloride is one of the most effective ice melting salts available.  Also known as Dead Sea Salt, it works by lowering the freezing point of water to below zero.  When Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt is applied to a path or surface, it absorbs surface water to create a solution which cannot refreeze and which causes further melting of the ice below.  Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt is effective to a temperature of around -15 Celsius.
Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt has advantages over other ice melting products such as common rock salt.  It is much more environmentally friendly, causing less damage to vegetation and waterways.  While Urea has the added benefit of fertilizing plants due to its nitrogen rich content, over application of Urea can cause problems like vegetation burn.  In this case, Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt may be the better choice.
Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt is also much more friendly to natural stone than products like sodium chloride which can cause corrosive damage to surfaces like granite, tile and stone.  It will not damage carpets and floors when walked into buildings on shoes and boots.
Application of Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt is done by simply spreading it onto paths and surfaces to melt snow and ice (or as a pretreatment to prevent ice formation in the first place).  Our Magnesium Chloride is supplied in flake form.  The large surface area of flakes gives them the additional benefit of getting to work faster than pellets.  Suggested application rate is about 1 cup per square yard.
An Ice Melt Solution can also be made by mixing 300g of Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt into 1L of water.  This solution can then be applied by spray or watering can for large scale coverage and will get to work straight away.
When dealing with 'hard-pack' snow and ice, a super effective ice melt mixture can be created by mixing Magnesium Chloride with Urea or Rock Salt.  See our Ice Melt Bundle for more details.
 PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human consumption and is not to be used in food processing.

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