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Dolomite - Calcium Magnesium Carbonate

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Dolomite - Calcium Magnesium Carbonate

Technical grade

Dolomite is a natural source of calcium and magnesium. It is used in horticulture for both soil and soilless mediums to lower the acidity and as a source of magnesium. It is used in salt water aquariums to help buffer pH changes in the water. In potter and ceramics dolomite is useful as a secondary flux in stoneware glazes.


Synonyms: Dolonite, calcium magnesium carbonate, carbonic acid calcium magnesium salt,

Properties of Dolomite:

  • CAS No.:16389-88-1
  • EINECS: 240-444-2
  • Molecular Weight: 184
  • Chemical Formula: (CaMg)(CO3)2
  • Appearance: light buff powder, odourless
  • Solubility: insoluble in water (g/L)
  • S.G. 2.84-2.86 g/cm3 at 20c
  • Assay: 100%
  • pH:8

Health & Safety

Hazard Codes: Not Harmful
Risk Statements: 

Safety Statements:

S20/21 when using do not eat, drink or smoke
S38 in case of insufficient ventilation wear suitable respiratory equipment
PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.


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