Deck Cleaner Concentrate - Removes Grime, Moss and Algae

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Deck Cleaner Concentrate - Removes Grime, Moss and Algae
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Deck Cleaner Concentrate

A specialist, heavy duty, concentrated cleaner for rejuvenating wooden decking areas. It will remove years of grime, dirt, moss and green algae from wooden and timber constructions quickly and with minimum effort. Being concentrated it affords a cheap and easy way of maintaining your decking to keep it looking at it's best. Not only will it clean but it will leave surfaces smelling fresh and deodorised.

Being versatile it can be safely used to clean garden furniture, kids play areas, statues, ornaments etc (even the garden gnomes). As well as being effective on wood it can also be safely used on plastics, rubber and stone surfaces.

  • Concentrated formula - economical to use
  • High effective cleaner, degreaser and algae remover
  • Contains NO caustic or acids.
  • Biogradeable and safe on surfaces
  • Has a wonderful fragrance to leave surfaces smelling fresh and clean.


Directions for use:

The concentrate should always be diluted before use.

Solutions can be applied using mop and bucket, brush, hand sprayer, low pressure sprayer or pressure washer.

For heavy soiling - Prepare a 1:10 solution by mixing 100mls of concentrate for every litre of water. if using a 5 Litre mop bucket then 500mls should be added. You can use either cold or warm water but if there is any oil or grease on the decking then hot water will give better results. Mop the solution liberally onto the surface and allow to penetrate the soiling. For heavier stains scrubbing with a firm brush will help to break down the stains. Rinse off with clean water. A second application may be necessary.

For Lighter soiling - use a 1:20 solution.

For moss and algae removal: Apply a 1:10 solution to the surface and leave to sit on the surface for a few hours. Scrub surface with a stiff brush and rinse off with clean water. a second application may be necessary. Regular cleaning with a 1:20 solution will help prevent moss and algae coming back.


Please Note: Do not allow product or rinse solution to run into flower beds or ponds.



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