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Bilge Cleaner & Deodoriser concentrate

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Bilge Cleaner & Deodoriser

Removes grease, oil, diesel etc and reduces fire risks 

An effective, natural citrus oil, based bilge cleaner. It emulsifies grease, dirt, oil and fuel and prevents the build up of fuel vapours. Easy to apply, biodegradeable and compatible with sea water.

  • Excellent cleaning with powerful emulsifier.
  • Non corrosive & non flammable.
  • Deodorises – Fresh pleasant citrus fragrance.
  • Economical to use.
  • Safe on wood, metal & fibreglass.
  • Effective when mixed with sea water.

How To Use

Add to bilge water at a rate of 100mls per metre of boat (10 metre boat = 1 litre of concentrate). The natural motion of the boat will allow the solution to self clean. When oil etc has been removed, drain the boat and rinse.

Alternatively if bilge is empty, clean manually with a solution of 1:10 with water.


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What you need to know about COSHH (HSE document) 

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