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Slip-Co Anti-Slip Floor & Bath Cleaner & Maintainer (SlipCo)

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Slip-Co Anti-Slip Floor & Bath Cleaner & Maintainer (SlipCo)
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A special heavy duty, concentrated cleaner developed for using on surfaces which have been treated with Slip-Co Anti-slip treatment. It cleans and degreases floors and baths, maintaining the slip resistant surface.
* Odourless. Safe to use in food environments
* Anti bacterial formula 
* Fast acting & Easy to rinse
* Free from ammonia and solvents.
* Dissolves grease, oil, waxes and dirt.
* Effective on most floor surfaces.
* Maintains a Slip Resistant Surface.
* Maintains a Safe and Hygienic Floor.

DIRECTIONS: To neutralise SLIP-CO Treatment apply a solution of SLIP-CO MAINTAINER  diluted with 20 parts of water and ensure treated area is well wetted. Rinse with clean water.
For maintenance cleaning Pre dilute product according to soiling levels. Apply to surface either by mop or mechanical scrubber drier, agitate and then remove by using clean water either through a mop and bucket system or through the scrubber drier extraction system.
Dilution guidelines for daily cleaning: Mop: 1 part to 40–50  parts warm water. Machine: use 1 part to 100–150 parts warm water.


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