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Resolva 24Hr Total Weed Killer RTU - Non Selective herbicide

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Westland Resolva 24H Weedkiller RTU

Ready To Use

Resolva24H weed killer is a handy, ready to use product which combines the speed of a contact weedkiller with the ability to kill weeds deep at the root like a systemic weedkiller.

  • Biodegradable weedkiller formulation means you replant immediately after the product dries.
  • Ideal for UK gardens, Resolva 24H weedkiller is effective even in hard water areas and colder conditions.
  • Highly effective - Visible results within 24 hours.

Resolva 24H weedkiller is ideal for: Controlling annual and deep-rooted perennial garden weeds including grasses, docks, nettles, dandelion, bindweed and many more. For use on unwanted vegetation. DO NOT SPRAY HEDGE BOTTOMS. DO NOT apply to lawns or other wanted plants unless you want to kill them. Take extreme care to avoid drift as RESOLVA 24H kills all green plant growth, including grass!

When to use Resolva 24H weedkiller: It is best to apply Resolva 24H weedkiller on a calm day when weeds are small but actively growing and have a large leaf area to absorb the weedkiller spray. If it rains within 6 hours of applying the weedkiller then this could reduce its effectiveness and you may need to treat the weeds again.

How to use: • Always read the label fully before use • SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE • Rotate nozzle to “ON” position • Spray weed leaves lightly until fully wetted but avoid run-off • Rotate nozzle to “OFF” position after use and before storage • Do not walk into treated areas until the spray has dried on the leaves to avoid transfer to lawns and other vegetation • Treatment effect on some weeds will be seen within a few days. Other tougher weeds may not show effects for up to 4 weeks. • Leave weeds for at least 7 days before cultivating


Resolva 24H weedkiller contains diquat & gyphosate. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

MAPP 13676 PCS No. 03077

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