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Relay P - Broad Spectrum Weed Killer Selective Herbicide for Agricultural Grassland

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Headland Relay P is a powerful selective herbicide for control of annual, biennial and perennial weeds in grass leys and permanent pasture. It offers the flexibility of programmed spraying regimes covering both spring and autumn treatments. However Headland Relay P should not be used where clovers or other legumes form an important part of the sward


Relay P contains 200g/l Mecoprop-P, 200g/l MCPA and 25g/l Dicamba


• Broad spectrum selective weed control
• High Mecoprop-P content means outstanding control
• Often results in optimum kill after single application
• Low application rates (5 Litres per hectare) for cost effective control


Control Spectrum


• Black Medick
• Bulbous Buttercup
• Cats Ear
• Charlock
• Cinquefoil
• Cleavers
• Common Chickweed
• Creeping Buttercup
• Daisy
• Dandelion
• Docks
• Knotgrass
• Mayweeds
• Mouse Ear
• Parsley Piert
• Pearlwort
• Plantains
• Ragwort
• Self Heal
• Silverweed
• Sorrel
• Thistles
• Trefoils
• White Clover
• Yarrow


Application rate and timing


Apply HEADLAND RELAY-P at 5.0 l/ha in at least 200 litres water/ha.
For improved control of listed Dock species, Common Ragwort and certain other biennial/perennial weeds and where grass leys have been established for at least 18 months, use 7.0 l/ha in at least 200 litres water/ha.


Pack Size: 5 litre


MAFF No. 8580. Always read the label. Use pesticides safely.



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