Premium Washing Up Liquid - Dish wash detergent

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Premium Washing Up Liquid - Dish wash detergent
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Concentrated Dish Washing Detergent

A premium concentrated all purpose hand dishwashing liquid developed for the efficient removal of grease and food from pots and pans, glassware and dishes. Ideal for busy kitchens, food processing areas and laboratories. Prestige is free from phosphates, silicates and artificial fragrances

  • Excellent cleaning.
  • Viscous formula.
  • High lather with plenty of suds
  • Leaves dishes and glassware sparkling

For hand dishwashing dilute about 1 eggcupful for every 10–15 litres of hot water. Allow dishes to soak for a few minutes before washing. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry for sparkling, streak-free results. For cleaning of floors and walls etc dilute as above and apply with a mop, brush or cloth and rinse when finished.

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