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Maxicrop No 2 Moss Killer & Conditioner for Lawns and Turf

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Maxicrop No 2 is a powerful iron based Moss Killer which gives a rapid kill of moss and produces a dramatic improvement in turf colour. The added seaweed stimulates tough roots and strong stems to cover the thin weak areas left by dead moss.


For Professional Use Only

MAPP 04635   PCS 92341

Contains 16.4% w/w Ferrous sulphate and 2% w/w Nitrogen


  • Controls moss throughout the year.
  • Dramatically improves turf colour.
  • Stimulates rapid turf recovery.
  • Helps to prevent Fusarium patch.


Application rates:

For every 1000 sq metres use a maximum of 31 litres of concentrate mixed with a minimum of 50 litres of water. Use low pressure fan jets to give a high volume coarse spray to penetrate dense moss.

Suitable for use in all types of sprayers calibrated to apply sprays at a volume of between 500 and 1000 litres per hectare.



Application rate
Per 1000 sq.m.
31 litres
Water Vol.
50 litres


Per Hectare
310 litres
Water Vol.
500 litres

Golf Green 500 sq.m.
15.5 ml
Water Vol.
25 litres

Bowling Green 1475 sq.m.
45.7 litres
Water Vol.
74 litres

Cricket Table 1000 sq.m.
31 litres
Water Vol.
50 litres

Football Pitch 10800 sq.m.
334.8 litres
Water Vol.
540 litres

Hockey Pitch 5000 sq.m.
155 litres
Water Vol.
250 litres

Rugby Pitch 6900 sq.m.
213.9 litres
Water Vol.
345 litres

Tennis Court 260 sq.m.
8.1 litres
Water Vol.
13 litres

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