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Fogging Machine Deodoriser Solution - Concentrated perfumed spray for foggers

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Fogging Machine Deodoriser Solution - Concentrated perfumed spray for foggers
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Fogging Deodoriser Solution

A concentrated, water-based deodoriser developed for use in fogging machines to clear unwanted odours. Great for dealing with malodours from pets, tobacco, dampness, urine, vomit and stale food.  Gives a long lasting freshness to the area sprayed. It can be safely used on most hard surfaces including plastics, fabrics, upholstery, carpets etc

Ideal for valeters, it is ideal for use in cars, vans, caravans, boats, around the home, in hospitals, residential care homes, offices, refuse areas and commercial premises.

Available fragrances:
Tutti Frutti, Cherry, Lemon, New Car, Bubblegum, 

  • Wonderful fresh fragrances
  • Long lasting formula removes unwanted odours
  • Concentrated formula – Economical to use.
  • Variety of different fragrances

Fill reservoir of foggng machine with solution and fog directly into the air ensuring space has been filled. Avoid spraying directly onto polished surfaces or onto hot surfaces.


Ingredients; water, dentured alcohol, nonionic surfactant, fragrance, dye

**** Please leave a note at the checkout to let us know your preferred fragrance****