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Floor Cleaner & Maintainer with Wax - Premium Maintain Pink

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R1608B11L£9.99 £11.99
R1608C15L£14.99 £17.99
R1608C52x5L£19.15 £22.99
R1608C24x5L£27.48 £32.99

 A 3-in-1 floor maintainer which cleans, disinfects and protects polished floors. It can be damp mopped, used as a spray and buff or machine scrubbed for heavier soiling. 

  • Leaves a fresh long lasting fragrance. 
  • Cleans, disinfects and protects. 
  • Economical to use. 
  • Buffs to a high shine.
  • Leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Spray Cleaning: Dilute 1:10 with water in a spray bottle. Apply a fine mist to the surface to be cleaned and buff with a red or blue pad.

  Damp Mopping: Dilute with 20 parts of water in a bucket and apply to the floor with a mop. Rub to remove soiling and lift residue with a clean mop. Allow surface to dry before opening to traffic.  

Machine Scrubbing: Dilute with 20 parts of water. Mop or spray onto the floor and clean with machine fitted with a green pad. Lift residue with a clean mop and allow floor to dry. 

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