ConScent - Super concentrated deodoriser

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ConScent - Super concentrated deodoriser
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The Ultimate Concentrated Deodoriser

Get rid of those awful smells with the strongest deodoriser available in the UK

A super concentrated deodoriser which contains zero water to reduce delivery costs. This concentrate is a clear liquid which will turn white when mixed with water. Other companies sell their product pre-mixed meaning you get less deodorizing power for the same price.

How To Use

Mix with water before use.
Use at 50 parts water to 1 part con-scent for severe odour problems.
Use at 100:1 for bad odour problems
And use at 200:1 – 300:1 for regular use.

You will be amazed how strong this Deodoriser is!
Wonderful sweet aromatic fragrance.

Where To Use

  • In Wheelie bins.
  • Refuse areas and skips.
  • Drains, sewers and pipes.
  • Farms, pig & poultry houses and other agricultural buildings.
  • Kennels and other animal housing.
  • Around the house or in the car
  • Offal waste treatment areas.

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