Enzyme Biological Cleaner Degreaser for Grease Traps - Bio-GD

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Enzyme Biological Cleaner Degreaser for Grease Traps - Bio-GD
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Enzyme Bio-Degreaser for Grease Traps

Bio GD 

A blend of naturally occurring microbes which when activated digest organic materials including, grease, oil and fats. Developed for use in drainage systems and grease traps they are non toxic and environmentally safe.  They eliminate blockages caused by the build up of grease etc and the resultant foul odours produced as a bi-product when it starts to decay. 

  • Contains no solvents, alkalies or harsh chemicals.
  • Prevents build-up of organic materials, blockages and odours
  • Reduces B.O.D and C.O.D (biological & chemical oxygen demand)
  • Economical to use.

GREASE TRAPS: Apply an initial dose of 1000mls to the system to be treated per 1000 litres of capacity. Followed by a dose of 100mls per day. For optimum results it is recommended that dosing be carried out at least 1 hour after production has ceased. SINKS & DRAINS: For manual dosing prepare a solution of 100 mls mixed with 5 litres of warm water. Pour into sinks, urinals, toilets or drains and leave to work. Avoid using for a couple of hours. Where possible avoid direct use of concentrated disinfectants, bleaches and detergents, which can adversely affect the efficiency of the microbes.


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