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Ice Melt Bundle

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Ice Melt Bundle - Urea and Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt

If you are looking to combine the power of both our Ice Melt products then this bundle is for you.  This bundle is especially useful when you are dealing with 'hard-pack' snow and ice.  When the ice is very tightly compacted together, it makes it difficult for normal products to penetrate the surface on their own and to spread fully through the snow and ice.  However using a combination product means you can exploit the advantages of two separate Ice Melts to create a more powerful solution.

With this pack you will receive 5Kg of Urea Ice Melt along with 5Kg of Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt at a discounted price.  Or choose the 25Kg pack to keep you going all winter long.

Simply spread the Magnesium Chloride onto your packed snow and ice first.  It will begin to break the surface tension by melting the top layer of ice to form a magnesium chloride solution.  Next spread your Urea onto the same area.  With the surface already broken, the Urea will find it much easier to penetrate downwards through the ice and begin to undermine its compact structure.  The combined action of both chemicals will soon make short work of the remaining ice and snow.

Since you will be exploiting the power of both chemicals together this is a more efficient method of melting ice and you can use less of each individual product than if used alone.

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