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Gel Rust Remover & Gelcoat Cleaner- Thickened Phosphoric Acid for removal of Rust, Limescale and Stains

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R3128B11L£14.99 £17.99
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Rust & Stain Remover Gel

simple and effective

A high quality thickened phosphoric acid based cleaner. It's gel formula allows the product to be applied onto metal, wood and gelcoat surfaces including vertical surfaces. It will cling to surfaces and allow the active ingredients to break down rust, scale, stains, birdlime, corrosion and oxides. It can also be used on metal and non metal surfaces without harming the surfaces.

Rust Remover Gel is excellent for use on cars, boats, caravans, metal fixtures and fittings, equipment and machinery.

  • Sticks to vertical surfaces – it will not slide off
  • No nasty fumes – no hydrochloric acid
  • Easy to use – just paint on and leave to work
  • Will not damage gelcoat, wood, painted surfaces, plastic or glass
  • Safe on stainless steel and other metals
  • Economical – a small amount goes a long way.

Brush Rust Remover Gel directly onto rust and other stains. Leave until rust and stains have completely dissolved. Wipe off residues and protect from further rusting. Rinse surfaces thoroughly.

Click here for MSDS Safety Data Sheet

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