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Lancelot Green Cleaner Concentrate - Kills Mould, Algae and Lichen on Hard Surfaces - Previously known as MossKill

Lancelot Green Cleaner Concentrate - Kills Mould, Algae and Lichen on Hard Surfaces - Previously known as MossKill

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Lancelot Green Cleaner Concentrate

(Previously known as Mistral MossKill)

Concentrated Hard Surface Biocide and Cleaner

Kills Algae, Mould and Lichen.  Controls and Prevents Moss Growth

Use on Roofs, Driveways, Patios, Fencing, Decking and More

Using modern surface-active biocidal technology, this product kills mildew, mould, fungus and algae as well as the spores that lead to new growth which keeps your surfaces cleaner for longer. It can be used on almost all hard surfaces including brick, tarmac, slate, plastic and glass. It's deep cleaning action continues to work for several months after the initial treatment. 

We have developed a concentrated solution which should be diluted with water before use. For general treatment of algae etc, add 9L of water to 1L of product (1:9 dilution rate), or for more heavy duty tasks use at a dilution of 1:4. This means that each jar will make up to 50L of ready to use treatment. We recommend a treatment rate of 3-5sqm per Litre of RTU meaning a total coverage per jar of up to 250 sq m. For best results make sure all surfaces are properly soaked!

Application couldn't be more simple. Simply dilute, apply and leave to work. The process should start within a couple of days and will continue to clean and clear surfaces for several weeks to months afterwards. Surfaces can be brushed to remove dead materials.

Green Cleaner does not contain bleach or caustic, and while animals and children should not be present during treatment, they can be reintroduced to treated areas as soon as they have dried.

Interior use

To treat mould and mildew on hard surfaces, dilute with water, brush or spray onto surface and leave to soak in. Leave for 24 hours and clean with a brush or cloth. Re-treat with a maintenance solution after 7 days. Some residual staining may remain after mould has been killed.

Exterior Use

This product should be applied in dry weather, when no rain is expected for at least 6 hours. Dilute with water. Apply to hard surfaces using a watering can garden sprayer or brush. Blackening should begin to occur after 2-3 days, but can take longer. Remove dead mould and lichen using a stiff brush. Repeat treatment if necessary. Not for use on lawns or in ponds/aquariums. Deep cleaning and residual surface treatment may continue for several months. A maintenance treatment can be applied after 6 months to prevent re-growth

Helpful Tips

Wear gloves and read safety information before use.  Avoid spraying near face or eyes. Cover water-butts and ponds before use. Treat the entire surface evenly to prevent possible differences in colour.  Keep pets and children away from treated areas until treatment is complete and surfaces are dry.

Eg. For treating a tennis court: Green Cleaner is used at a dilution of 1:4 with water and at a rate of 3-5sq m per litre of solution. As a tennis court is approx 260sq m this will require 52 litres of solution which equates to approx 10 litres of concentrated Green Cleaner. 

Please Note: There are many types of moulds and lichens and although Green Cleaner is effective against many of them, 100% efficacy cannot be guaranteed by this or any other product depending on individual circumstances.

This product is not suitable for use on lawns or flowerbeds as it will kill vegetation.  It is harmful to aquatic plants and animals.  Run-off should be prevented from entering ponds and water-butts.

Please Note: Due to recent changes in European legislation, the group of organisms officially classified as Moss, when found on hard surfaces such as patios, roofs etc can no longer be treated using biocidal products and instead come under Plant Protection Legislation.   We have therefore reclassified this product in-line with the applicable legislation and no longer market it for the purposes of killing moss.  We have decided to retain the original name of the product for the sake of clarity for our customers.


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