Free Delivery Update

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer free delivery on all orders placed on

We wanted to make this change as we think that it will really benefit those customers who only want a single 5L item, or just a few small things, and may previously have been surprised by the addition of extra delivery charges at the end.

We have seen great success with our free delivery on cases of our products like Odourfresh Pet Disinfectant and Moss Kill, so we hope that our customers will appreciate these changes.


In other news, we have now added the ability to view all prices on the website in Euro.  We feel that this will help our customers from Ireland to get an idea of how much they are paying in their own terms.  The rates are taken automatically from one of the main internet sources and will always be up-to-date.  Its also very simple to switch back and forth with a simple button press.  Customer's who choose to view prices in Euro will still have to complete their order in £ Sterling, but should at least have a better idea of how much they are spending before purchase.


More updates are in the pipework, but for now, thanks for your continued support of Mistral Cleaning Products.

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